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K. Krishna Murthy
Branch Manager, Film Division
Govt. of India.

I am a senior citizen and at the age of 63 years after retiring from service, I have joined the institute with passion for learning painting (my childhood interest) techniques under a trained master in all mediums of painting.

I found this institute was very friendly and homely in the association of Sri. Swamy and his better half Smt.  Siva Kumari also an artist and faculty. After two years of training, I could join a group exhibition in the year 2005, which was my dream.  

In all to feel, I am able to spend my old age very simply while participating in these activities. I wish the institute serves the aspirants of all walks of life with the same zeal for all the times to come.

Y. Srivatsa

Art is the product or process of arranging symbolic elements in a way that influences and affects the senses, emotions and intellect. It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations and modes of expression including paintings, architecture, music, literature, film, photography and sculpture.

SIRI institute of drawing and painting is one I observed grow, since I started my profession as an architect around 15 years back. Me as an architect by profession joined this institute to brush up my technique of creativity, as now a days we are running our profession mechanically in this Hi-Tech (computers) world instead of using neither free hand not sketching with pencil.

 Previously I used to scare to do an attempt of painting even having a skill of creativity. Worst thing that happens is, I waste some paint and some time. The moment it’s very frustrating. After I sit with them, I got total confidence and right approach of methods of applying, mixing colors, creating depths, showing lighting effects etc., in a very simple manner. Here they teach how to develop artistic skills in sketching, drawing and paintings on different surfaces, with different mediums, with different tools and brushes and how colors interact.

The need of people to express themselves often prompts them to demonstrate in a visual form their thoughts, their experiences, their impressions of the world. Art provides the opportunity to augment creative expression, self-discovery, self-confidence and self-concept. All need a creative outlet to express and Art is an important activity which provides a good balance.

I thank them and wish them all the best in future, and hope to produce more artistic hands.

“Painting embraces all the 10 functions of the eye, that is to say, darkness, light, body and color, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion and rest” – Leonardo da Vince.

B. Padmavathi
House Wife

I can’t talk much about the art and painting for I am just beginner with a willing to learn. But when the time comes to talk about SIRI Institute of drawing and painting I can truly say that this is the place where your dreams come true.

I first used to attend 2 to 3 times a week, however now I feel like going every day. The faculty is very good to us and has a lot of knowledge and patience.

B. Tech (Computer Science)

SIRI institute of painting is headed by Sri Swamy B.A., B.F.A. has its name and popularity in the state of Hyderabad. The head of the institute is assisted by Smt. Jaya, an expert in drawing and painting and is highly qualified. A very large number of students are already trained and being trained at a nominal fees. Their guidance in the art is parental for the students who feel homely while undergoing training. Their expertise in drawing and painting is so high that I find no words to explain which can only be felt by the students while learning the art.

I have completed twenty five classes only where in I could learn drawing and painting so well that my paintings are well uploaded by one and all which is possible only due to the training imparted by the head of the institute and his assistant.

Students feel the missing of their love and affection when they go out. To judge their guidance, some of my paintings will explain themselves when the outsiders see them. My experience in this institute is unforgettable. I left this institute with gratitude to mu ‘guru’.



G. Siva Priya
II Class.
D/o K. Usha Priya
Quality Assurance Consultant

There are many people inclined towards drawing and painting. Children get attracted to these by nature on one end and on the other end by their school education. Thus every human can draw good or bad. Treating drawing as a profession is seen only after completing 10+2 for quite sometimes.

SIRI institute is one of the princesses in bringing out drawing as well as painting as a profession by training people of all ages.

Drawing passion for kids is now taken care due to the institute and its timings. More so, the institute is located in prime location, which makes it more prominent.



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